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 Hi, I’m Andrea Ornetti and I work in a wide range of fields, like graphic design, audio-related services and music production.

I worked with many artists and labels, and I also make my own music. As a graphic designer, I specialize in logo design, animation, website design, and more.


I am an Italian freelancer with a diverse background. For several years, I have been active as a stage technician (sound and lights) as well as a DJ and music producer. Today, I also focus on graphic design and web development solutions. With my work, my goal is to create high-quality content at competitive rates to assist clients with the best possible service. I still work extensively within the music industry and offer a wide array of music-related services as well.

These include mixing, mastering, post-processing (i.e., effects, vocal pitch correction…), audio editing and cleaning, as well as beat-making, ghost producing, and more. I studied arrangement, harmony, orchestration, MIDI applications, synthesis, sampling, and acoustics, and my background features many years of experience in the industry. I’ve been making music for many years. I actually started out at 14 and never stopped developing my passion and skills, especially focusing on electronic music. At first, I was busy making hardcore, dubstep, and other aggressive styles. Over time, I opened up my sound to feature melodic elements and even lush, soft ambiance soundscapes. What makes my style special is the fact that I really like to blend different influences together under one roof, retaining an impactful and immediate sound that speaks to the audience. I have collaborated with local and international artists and continues to pursue his music career.

My graphic-related services include logo design, animation, video intros and outros, website design, branding, music video visualizers, and more. In addition, I also dabble in music marketing, assisting artists and labels in the process of spreading awareness about their work.

Find out more about me, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for any inquiries about my services.

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